it reminds me of a very specific test question

for comprehension

we read out loud in class

what did it mean, that the boy went with his dad

delivering grapes in a great big truck?


it meant the road and fermenting as you get there

leaving home to harvest your thoughts

not a going but a sprinting


going was new, and terrifying

yellow-grey dustbowls on either side

but some stretches were green

and some were s p r a w l i n g

and there were cows too


oh no, he said, the coyotes

what do they want?

to ruin orchards and collectivity

but maybe the kings of this desert

just needed a drink


it’s not long before windmills and wonder

the glass city image from we

and after some time in a barrel

this process flips

i come out of the nozzle now flowing red

and swirling clockwise

i leave home again but now it’s going, rather


Originally published on Judd’s Hill

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